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Tomi ( gelöscht )

03.01.2013 17:27
RE: Visiting disg golf enthusiast from Finland antworten

Hi people,

This is Tomi from Finland ( I am visiting Berlin and I would love to try the best game ever in Berlin. Could someone lend me a few discs (a driver and a putter will suffice) and/or join me to play this weekend. I'm far from a pro but I really like the game.

I could also try and get my friends in Berlin lured into the hobby by playing with them if you have more discs to lend. If you have loads of extra discs you want to part with (for free) there is a nice nomad base for travelers in Friedrichschain where the discs could find a new home (and new players).

Be in touch: tomi(at) or



bob ( gelöscht )

04.01.2013 15:31
#2 RE: Visiting disg golf enthusiast from Finland antworten

Hi Tomi, we have a meetingplace: Transvaal/Senegalstr. on the big meadow Sunday at 9:50. There are two Baskets, cu Bob.

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