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hamandcheese Offline


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04.01.2013 00:22
RE: New Course in Italy (video) Antworten

Hello everybody, It's Gianluca from Parma.
My English is not a big thing but my German is zero, so forgive me this thread not in your own language
I'm an ultimate player (nearly retired) and, for some years, a disc golfer. I just joined this forum.
As you know, the disc golf in Italy is just at the beginning. In my city, there are some players and various nice places to play (but no fixed baskets for now).
I would ask you to support our request to Parma City Council for a permanent course in a brand new city park. It will not be a big thing (6 or 9 holes), so not suitable for big tournaments, but a good reference point for our training and courses and, why not, to play with you in your next Italian holiday.

Please, watch this video on youtube:
and click the "I like" button. Soon I'm going to show the number of your visits and votes to the mayor of Parma.

It's very important for us and it costs you nothing. Thanks so much!

Contact me if you pass through this area and we can play a few holes together.

Gianluca (in italian for now) (in italian)

Guest ( gelöscht )

04.01.2013 14:15
#2 RE: New Course in Italy (video) Antworten

Ciao Gianluca,

please notice: your video on youtube has not the adequate rights in Germany (Music-Contracts, GEMA), so we can't watch it!!!


hamandcheese ( gelöscht )

04.01.2013 16:47
#3 RE: New Course in Italy (video) Antworten

ops! I'm so sorry. Thank you very much to inform me about that. I'll try to fix that problem.
keep in touch

Gast ( gelöscht )

04.01.2013 16:59
#4 RE: New Course in Italy (video) Antworten

in the meanwhile... you could have a look of this:
which is another great natural and historical park where we play. No soundtrack in this case, so it should work. Let me know...


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05.01.2013 22:11
#5 RE: New Course in Italy (video) Antworten

Here I am!
I put my video also on Vimeo. I hope you can see it then

My goal was collect "i like" votes on youtube (and now on vimeo), but also show you we're playng and work on disc golf promotion here.

I just understand how many course you have in Germany, how many players and tournaments: it's impressive! I envy you

I hope to join somewhere soon


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